Thursday, October 23, 2008

Week 8 Fantasy Football matchup Analysis!

Tampa Bay at Dallas:

The struggling Dallas Cowboys will look to right their quickly sinking ship. Brad Johnson’s first game at the helm was not as smooth as the Cowboys had hoped it would be. Romo said in a radio interview this week that he will probably be shut down until after their bye week in November. The offensive line of the Cowboys has been atrocious of late. Giving up sacks to three man rushes last week. Look for the Cowboys to have a tough game against a physical Tampa Bay cover-2 defense. Tampa Bay have yet to give up a rushing TD so look for Barber to have a tough game. Tampa Bay has 12 interceptions for the year as well so don’t look to Brad Johnson for a great game.

The Cowboys are giving up 203 yards in the air and have yielded 9 touchdowns. They are a little better on the ground but have still allowed 6 TD’s and 100 yards per game. Expect Garcia to start and put up good numbers against a horrible Cowboys defense. I expect Antonio Bryant to tally over one hundred yards.

Washington at Detroit:

Another Redskins fantasy. After squeaking by an impotent Cleveland team and losing to the Rams the Redskins have yet another great matchup. Detroit’s rush D is allowing 167 yards per game and have given up 9 touchdowns. Portis is banged up from overuse but is still expected to play and is a must start. Campbell should have a good game against a Detroit D that is allowing 251 yards in the air and have yielded 11 TD’s and have only had one interception. Santana Moss is a must start as well as Chris Cooley. Randel El is a deep starter.

You are benching every Lion except Calvin Johnson. Orlovsky was reasonable last week against a bad Houston team but I don’t expect him to have a great game. The Skins are above average in both rush and pass defense. The Lions should struggle early and often making the Skins D a good start this week.

Buffalo at Miami:

Miami has already doubled their win total from last year. Unfortunately that does not mean they are back into a competitive team. Chad Pennington has put together some good starts and Ronnie Brown is still shaking stuff up. Buffalo is allowing 107 yards per game and have yielded 7 TD’s through 7 games on the ground. Brown is a must start at this point until he proves otherwise. Pennington is a deeper start if you’re having bye week struggles or injuries.

Buffalo is up against a surprisingly strong Miami run defense that is allowing 97.5 yards per game and only given up 4 TD’s this year on the ground. You probably don’t have a better option than Lynch but don’t expect a huge game from Lynch. Miami’s pass defense, on the other hand, is suspect at best. They are giving up 235 yards per game and have allowed 9 TD’s in the air. This makes Edwards a must start as well as Lee Evans.

St Louis at New England:

St Louis, who I have officially deemed the flavor of the month are coming off of two big wins over the Redskins and the Cowboys. After firing coach Linehan they have played with a spark that was missing previously. Donnie Avery appears to be emerging as their first target for Bulger and Holt has been getting some receptions. Steven Jackson went off last week and should have another great game against a New England team that is allowing 117 yards per game on the ground. New England lost Rodney Harrison for the year and possibly his career. This makes their, already suspect, pass defense weaker. New England has given up 10 TD’s in the air and is allowing 196 yards per game.

St Louis is over achieving and are bad on both sides of the ball. They are allowing 231 yards per game in the air and have allowed 9 TD’s. Randy Moss and Cassel should continue their dominance in the air from last week. They are both good starters this week. Wes Welker is a good start against a Rams team that can get pressure on the quarterback. The Rams are worse still on the ground, allowing 161.5 yards per game and 10 TD’s in 6 games played. The Patriots are down to their 2nd or 3rd string backs with Maroney out for the year. Sammy Morris had a monster first half last week before leaving with a knee injury. He wasn’t able to practice on Wednesday and is questionable for the game Sunday. Whichever RB plays should have a nice game. If you have Morris you will want to pick up Green-Ellis if he’s still available.

San Diego at New Orleans:

Two teams that are coming off of tough losses will look to get back on track in London. This should be a shootout match if Rivers and Brees can play like they did at the beginning of the year.

San Diego is the worst pass D in the league allowing 254 yards per game and have given up 11 TD’s in the air. Drew Brees should be able to pass at will. Brees is obviously a no brainer. Colston will look to get back in the offense after playing last week without a catch. Shockey, after calling out the team for how they handled his injury, missed Wednesday’s practice but is still expected to play Sunday. Reggie Bush is out four weeks and Deuce McAllister and Pierre Thomas will fill his spot.

On the other side of the ball Rivers should have a nice game against a Saints team that is allowing 222 yards per game and have given up 9 TD’s. He may get Chris Chambers back who practiced on Wednesday but is questionable for Sunday’s game. LT is still nursing turf toe and has failed to reach the endzone in three straight games. He is going against a Saints team that allows 109 yards per game but have only allowed 4 rushing TD’s.

Kansas City at New York Jets:

This just in, the Chiefs are bad and the Jets are underperforming after doubling their payroll from last year. Favre has struggled the last two weeks and will look to get back on track against a putrid KC defense.

KC’s pass defense is only allowing 195 yards in the air and have only allowed 5 TD’s in the air. This is mainly because everybody is running in TD’s like they’re going out of style. With only 3 interceptions and 3 sacks the KC defense does not get pressure and does not punish risky throws. Favre enjoys throwing risky passes and this may be the team for Favre to right the ship. Coles appears to be the main target of Favre but he apparently has a concussion and is questionable for Sunady. If he's out I would expect Cotchery to have a big game. Thomas Jones is a must start this week. Coming off of a 159 yard outing Jones should be able to carry that over against a league worst 207 yards per game and 12 TD’s on the ground.

KC lost their #1 and #2 QB’s for the year and it appears as if Thigpen will get the start. You are not starting anybody on the Chiefs team except Tony Gonzalez and maybe Bowe. Larry Johnson is on the bench and is still holding his breath to find out if he will be suspended by the Iron Fist Commish. Be sure to remove Johnson from your lineup if you are still using him.

Atlanta at Philadelphia:

Both Fowl coming off of byes will look to get started again in the 2nd part of the year.

The Falcons have surprised people especially with the high level of production from rookie QB Matt Ryan. The Eagles will look to punish the Falcons with a tough pass rush that have racked up the 2nd most sacks in the league with 21. Eagles are only allowing 187 yards in the air. Michael Turner is a must start until he proves otherwise but he does not have a favorable matchup this week against an Eagles rush defense that is only allowing 91 yards on the ground with only 3 TD’s allowed.

The Eagles are looking to get back on track and that should coincide with Westbrook’s health. He practiced fully Wednesday and is probably for Sunday’s game. The Eagles will also get back Curtis who is probable. Reggie Brown has gone through limited practice and is questionable. The Falcons are allowing 118 yards on the ground and have given up 6 TD’s. Westbrook should be a must start if he’s in the lineup. In the air the Falcons are allowing 235 yards per game and have given up 10 TD’s. DeSean Jackson is a must start until Brown and Curtis come back. McNabb should have a nice game.

Arizona at Carolina:

Arizona is coming off of a bye and playing a Carolina team that just put it to the Saints.

The Cardinals are hopeful that Boldin will be back Sunday but after limited practice he is questionable for Sunday. Warner and crew will look to continue their dominant air game against the 2nd best pass defense in the league. Carolina is allowing 168 yards per game and have allowed 5 TD’s. Edge has voiced frustration with his part in the Cardinal offense and the Cardinals will have better luck running against the Panthers who are allowing 107 yards per game and have given up 3 TD’s. The high flying Cardinals should have a nice game with Fitz and Warner as must starts. If Boldin’s out Steve Breaston should be in your lineup.

The Panthers will come against a rested Arizona D who are allowing 93 yards on the ground and 220 in the air. The Cardinals have yielded a league high 12 passing touchdowns so look for Steve Smith, Muhammad and Delhomme to have nice games.

Oakland at Baltmore:

Oakland is coming off of an overtime W over the Jets while the Ravens looked like retro Baltimore.

The Ravens defense is back and despite their age Oakland will find it difficult to get anything started against the Ravens. McFadden is splitting carries with Fargas and that looks to be a full time split. The Ravens are allowing just 67 yards on the ground and have only allowed 1 TD. In the air they are allowing 176 yards per game and have allowed 7 TD’s. I don’t like any Raider this week and they are all missing my starting lineups.

The Oakland defense is not as potent. They are allowing 224 yards per game in the air and 136 on the ground and have yielded 7 and 9 touchdowns on either side of the ball. McGahee appears to be back and healthy. He had 30+ touches last week and should get a full load again this week against a bad Oakland team. Derrick Mason appears to be a main target again and is worth starting as a low #3 WR.

Cincinnati at Houston:

Houston, the team that almost lost to Detroit. Cincinnati, the team that is effectively amounting to nothing.

Houston, an effective pass team that are averaging 249 yards per game is going against a Cincinnati team that is only allowing 179 yards per game, though they have given up 10 TD’s. Steve Slaton has opened up the offense for Schaub and Andre Johnson to fling the ball. You are starting Slaton, Schaub and Johnson and Daniels in a pinch.

The only thing worse than Cincinnati’s rush defense is their offense. They are averaging a total of 224 yards per game and will likely struggle without Carson Palmer throwing the ball. Chad Johnson still appears to get some goal line looks but Housh is proving to be the reception guy. In the last two games Housh has grabbed 7 balls and if he continues that trend he will have some effective fantasy games. Stay away from all Bengal running backs until they choose a premier back.

Cleveland at Jacksonville:

Cleveland is night and day, meanwhile Jacksonville looks to get on track after a bye week.

Cleveland is hot or cold. The biggest disappointment in the league, the Browns struggle to put up points. Jacksonville has allowed the 2nd most passing touchdowns at 11 and are allowing 229 yards per game. Derek Anderson needs to get it going this week or he will find himself on the bench sooner rather than later.

Jacksonville is a run first team going against a bad Cleveland rush defense. Cleveland is allowing 146 yards per game and have given up 8 TD’s on the ground. MJD and Fred Taylor should both have good games with MJD as the main guy. Garrard is a #2 starter that you can count on from week to week for 10-20 points.

Giants at Pittsburgh:

Two hard nosed defenses should effectively beat each other into submission.

Both teams are coming off of nice wins and will look to continue their success. Mewelde Moore had a great game last week and with Parker still questionable would be the main back in Pittsburgh. Two of the best defenses in the league this could be a low scoring affair. The Giants are allowing 84 yards on the ground and have only allowed 2 TD’s. On the other side of the ball they are allowing 190 yards per game and have given up 6 TD’s.

Pittsburg is the best pass defense allowing just 158 yards per game in large part due to their league leading 25 sacks. They are only allowing 69 yards on the ground and have only yielded 3 TD’s.

Temper your fantasy expectations for most players in this game. Manning and Roethlisberger are still starters as well as Plaxico and Ward.

Seattle at San Francisco:

Seattle is challenging the Chiefs as the worst team in the league. Meanwhile the 49’ers have fired their coach and are hoping to catch some of the new coach fire that they need.

Seattle’s pass defense is allowing 242 yards per game and have given up 10 TD’s. While their rush defense is allowing 121 yards per game and have given up 6 TD’s. JT O’Sullivan should have a good game against a floundering Seahawks team. I also like Frank Gore to have a monster game against a team that even the 49’ers should get ahead of quickly.

With Hasselbeck out again the Seahawks have only one person worth cracking your lineup and that’s Julius Jones. Even he should only be used in bye week or injury situations.

Indianapolis at Tennessee:

The Colts are in trouble, meanwhile the Titans are playing like Titans.

The Colts flashed a bit of hope two weeks ago then fell on their faces against Green Bay. It won’t get any easier this week against a tough Tennessee defense who have only allowed 7 touchdowns the entire year. Unfortunately for Manning and the Colts 6 of those TD’s were allowed on the ground. Addai is still questionable and has not practiced this week.

The Colts D, on the other hand, is great against the pass and bad against the run. Which is great for the Tennessee Titans who are averaging 154 yards per game on the ground and have scored a league high 11 TD’s. They are coming off of a rushing explosion of over 300 yards where Chris Johnson and Lendale White went off. Johnson and White are must starts this week and everybody else are mediocre options.

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