Friday, October 10, 2008

Updates to rankings

--Brian Westbrook has officially been ruled out for week 6. Adjust your lineup accordingly.

--Carson Palmer has been ruled out for week 6.

Fantasy Football Rankings Week 6


Running Backs

1. Adrian Peterson
2. Clinton Portis
3. Ronnie Brown
4. Matt Forte
5. Reggie Bush
6. Marion Barber
7. Frank Gore
8. Brandon Jacobs
9. Thomas Jones
10. Ryan Grant
12. Steven Jackson
12. LT
13. Joseph Addai
14. Correll Buckhalter
15. LeRon McClain
16. Steve Slaton
17. Willis McGahee
18. Jonathan Stewart
19. MJD
20. DeAngelo Williams
21. Julius Jones
22. Justin Fargas
23. Jamal Lewis
24. *Darren McFadden
25. Earnest Graham
26. Deuce McCalister
27. Sammy Morris
28. Edgerrin James
29. Tim Hightower
30. Warrick Dunn

Wide Receivers:

1. Randy Moss
2. Greg Jennings
3. Larry Fitzgerald
4. Brandon Marshall
5. Steve Smith
6. Reggie Wayne
7. Andre Johnson
8. Terrell Owens
9. Santana Moss
10. Plaxico Burress
11. **T.J. Houshmandzadeh
12. Torry Holt
13. Laveranues Coles
14. Roddy White
15. Wes Welker
16. Braylon Edwards
17. Jerricho Cotchery
18. *DeSean Jackson
19. Calvin Johnson
20. Bernard Berrian
21. Isaac Bruce
22. Donald Driver
23. **Chad Johnson
24. Roy Williams
25. Lance Moore
26. Steve Breaston
27. Marvin Harrison
28. Reggie Brown
29. Amani Toomer
30. Muhsin Muhammad

*Bumped because of Westbrook and Reggie Brown being out
**Palmer has been ruled out of week 6, lower expectations for Ocho


1. Bret Favre
2. Tony Romo
3. Drew Brees
4. Kurt Warner
5. Aaron Rodgers
6. Jay Cutler
7. Eli Manning
8. Jason Campbell
9. Donovan McNabb
10. Kyle Orton
11. Matt Cassel
Philip Rivers
13. Peyton Manning
14. *Carson Palmer (Jake Delhomme)
15. David Garrard

*Palmer ruled out for week 6.

Tight Ends:

1. Chris Cooley
2. Jason Witten
3. Dallas Clark
4. Antonio Gates
5. *Kellen Winslow
6. Zach Miller
7. Owen Daniels
8. Anthony Fasano
9. John Carlson
10. Greg Olson
11. Donald Lee
12. Dustin Keller
13. Visanthe Shiancoe
14. L.J. Smith
15. Billy Miller

*Winslow went to the hospital on Thursday night with an undisclosed illness. He's questionable now for Monday.


1. New York Giants
2. Washington Redskins
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Green Bay Packers
5. Chicago Bears
6. Carolina Panthers
7. Philadelphia Eagles
8. Baltimore Ravens
9. Tampa Bay
10. New Orleans Saints
11. Miami Dolphins
12. Indianapolis Colts
13. New York Jets
14. Dallas Cowboys
15. San Diego Chargers

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 6 Fantasy Football matchup analysis

Here we are at my first week of projections. I have quit listening/reading the ESPN analysts so that I can see how I do without subconsciously regurgitating the experts views. How I'll do it for this week is go game by game and point out fantasy worthiness and key injuries. I will then rank players as I see them.

Baltimore at Indianapolis:
Two struggling offenses here. Manning has struggled most the year but in Manning-esque fashion still wound up 2-2 despite trailing in games in the last few minutes of both wins. Baltimore's defense seems to be somewhat back to form despite the age of Lewis and crew. Manning will look to pick up the pace and will likely have to pass frequently due to the Ravens tough run D. The Ravens are only allowing 192.5 yards per game while the Indianapolis Colts are allowing 353. Baltimore is also only allowing 64 yards on the ground. I look to see Wayne to have a big game and Harrison to get off the schneid. If you have Addai you likely have to start him but keep your expectations low.

On the other side of the ball I look for McClain to get 40 yards and a score and for McGahee, if in the lineup, to get close to a hundred total yards. Keep an eye on McGahee's status. He is questionable this week but was also questionable last week and still got 22 carries. Indy is a bad run defense allowing 188.5 y/g. In addition some key defenders are on the mend.

Oakland at New Orleans:
Saints are coming off a rough loss to Min and will be looking to beat up on a struggling Oakland team. The saints are putting up 406 total y/g and the Oak D is allowing 308. McFadden has been limited in practice and will likely be limited in the game as well. Cable has taken over for the fired Kiffin and has yet to declare a "starting" running back. Keep your expectations tempered for McFadden as well as Fargas, who is coming off a recent injury. The Saints just limited the most explosive RB in the NFL to 32 yards on 21 attempts and no TD's. Russell could be a reasonable start in deep leagues or bye week fill-in against a Saints team that has allowed 244.6 y/g in the air.

On the other side of the ball look for a possible Colston return this week. He has been practicing and is looking like a game time decision. Jeremy Shockey has also practiced but is less likely to play being only three weeks removed from a hernia surgery. Deuce McCalister should find the endzone as Oakland has allowed the 2nd most rushing TD's at 7. Brees is a must start as well as Bush.

Chicago at Atlanta:
Two teams fighting for control of their division appear to be evenly matched. Chicago's defense is looking like the wall of old allowing 74 rushing yards and 223 passing yards. Forte is a good start today against an ATL that allows 125 y/g and gave up a 121 to LJ alone in week 3. If you have a better play than Turner play him. He will likely struggle against a stout Chicago D. Look for Lloyd to have a nice game as well as Orton. Orton has 1100 yards, 7 TD's to 4 INT's and a 62% completion rate since taking over at the helm. He's a #1 QB this week feel safe starting him.

St. Louis at Washington:
This is a fantasy dream for Washington Redskins owners. STL is allowing 411 total yards, 166 on the ground to 245 in the air. You're obviously starting all your redskins if you have them. Randel El has had a couple nice games and Cooley came back from the dead last week. Look for Moss to rebound from an oh-fer last week. Portis should get 100+ yards and a score and is a top 5 RB this week. Campbell should also find it easy going on that pourous Stl defense. Randel El is a deep #3 starter.

On the Stl side you're starting S. Jackson but don't expect a huge game against a Washington defense that's allowing only 85 yards on the ground per game. Holt could have a big game as Stl will fall behind and have to throw. Bulger is back in at QB and is not a good start this week.

Detroit at Minnesota:
This is an Adrian Peterson owner's dream. After getting stuffed at the line against a surprisingly good New Orleans defense AP will be mad and will run all over the Lion's horrible defense. The Lions are allowing 249 passing yards and 180 rushing yards. It's looking like Kitna is out this week so downgrade Williams and Johnson. The Vikings defense is only allowing 68.4 yards on the ground so, the already horrible Detroit RB's, are a definite sit this week. Look for AP to have a monster game and Berrian to have another good game. Frerote is a deep start if you're struggling to find starters. He looked rough last week but did connect with Berrian for a 33 yard TD strike.

On a side note here Roy Williams has been mentioned in trade talks yet again this week. Trade deadline is next Tuesday and the 49's appear to be interested in Williams. Keep an eye on this, if he goes to the 49's I would bump the value of Williams a bit.

Cincinnati at Jets:
A trap game if ever I've seen. Favre and the Jets are coming off of a bye week and look to stick it to the Bengals. The Bengals are a bad team to date but have shown signs of life. Cinci is only allowing 167 y/g in the air and Favre will look to bring them down a bit. The Cinci rushing game is a mess and will likely continue to be. Coach Lewis said he is committing to give Benson some looks and just when Chris Perry was starting to look good. Neither one of them are good starts this week against a Jets team that is only allowing 75.5 yards on the ground. The Jet's pass defense is poor at best allowing 265 y/g. Look for Palmer to have a nice game if he's in the lineup and Housh should have close to 100 yards and a score. I look to see Chad Johnson get in the endzone as well. Favre should have a nice game despite the Bengals reasonably strong performance in the secondary.

Thomas Jones should have a big game against a bad Bengals run defense. Look for him to get 75 yards and a score. Coles and Cotchery should have nice games as well.

Carolina at Tampa Bay
Should be a hard nosed, smash mouth game. Both teams are allowing right at 100 yards per game on the ground. Carolina's pass defense is a bit better. Graham and Dunn are both getting a good bit of touches effectively reducing both of their value. Carolina has only allowed 1 rushing TD all year. Griese still couldn't practice Thursday and it looks like Garcia will get the nod. This lowers Ike Hilliard and Bryants value as well.

DeAngelo Williams is the most recent heart breaker that was on most people's bench last week when he blew up for three scores. Despite his huge game I don't like him as anything more than a low #2 this week. Stewart is still looking like the goal line back and has 65 total carries to Williams' 74. Both of these guys are #2/3 starters. Delhomme could have a nice game against a TB defense that is allowing 218 yards. Look for this to be a run first game but you're obviously starting Smith if you have him. Against a good cover 2 defense look for a lot of quick slants to Steve Smith with his ability to turn these into big plays he could have a good week.

Miami at Houston:
Houston is looking to get their first win against the surprising 2-2 Miami Dolphins. Ronnie Brown is obviously back in charge of the rushing tandem and appears to be back to form. Schaub is saying he's going to play so that should help Johnson's value, although if he plays like he did last week it won't matter if it's Sage or Schaub throwing the rock. Look for Slaton to have a good game with 60 yards and a score. Whiel Green ran effectively last week and will likely steal some carries from Slaton, this job is Slaton's so expect better performance from Slaton than Green.

Jacksonville at Denver:
Denver came to earth the last couple games and will likely have a tough game this week as well. Jacksonville's defense isn't what it used to be but are still allowing 106 rushing yards and 237 passing. Look for Cutler and Marshall to have a bounceback game. Keep an eye on Royal, Shanahan recently said he does expect him to be there. Shanahan is always a fantasy's worst enemy so keep an eye on the situation.

If you have MJD you're probably starting him but don't expect a lot. Except for his one hundred yard game his highest total is 32 yards. He does have a nose for the endzone though.

Philadelphia at San Francisco:
Both teams are sitting at 2-3 and the Eagles are finding themselves on the outside looking in on the best division in the conference. Many picked Philly as the favorites going into the year. The Eagle's tough run defense got cut up by Portis last week and look for Gore to struggle a bit against an annoyed Philly defense. The Eagle's are allowing only 190 yards in the air. Look for Bruce to have around 50 yards and a TD.

Keep an eye on Westbrook, they're saying he could play but you never know. If you have Buckhalter watch the inactives before you start either one of them. If he does play he will likely be limited although you never know if he will be limited or put up 150 yards and 2 scores. If Westbrook can't go look to Buckhalter for 100 yards and a score.

Green Bay at Seattle:
Rodgers say's he's playing and will probably have a monster game if he does. The Seattle team is struggling to put up any points or stop anybody from doing it. Look for Grant to get 100 yards and a touchdown and for Jennings and Driver to both be good plays this week. The Packers are allowing 161 yards per game on the ground Julius Jones has the potential of having a great game. You have to be worried about Seattle getting behind and having to stay in the air. Engram should have a good game with a lot of short receptions. In a point per catch league he's a must start. The only people you're starting on the Seahawks is Jon Carlson and Julius Jones. Hasselbeck is still hampered and hopes to play. He's still questionable.

Dallas at Arizona:
Dallas barely pulled off a win against a struggling Bengals team. Pacman Jones is in the news and TO found Jesus the last couple weeks. On the other side of the ball Warner is throwing like Tony Romo used to! He's got 10 TD's on the year to 4 INT's and 1472 yards. The Arizona team will probably not run too much with a good Dallas rush defense. Warner and Fitzgerald will likely have big games. I also expect Breaston to have 75 yards and a score.

Barber will have a nice game unless Dallas falls behind with a depleted secondary. TO will have 100 yards and a score and Witten will finish with 75 yards. Felix Jones is a reasonable flex option. Romo is obviously a must start.

New England at Chargers:
The Chargers will try to play like the team people thought they were. Their defense has struggled since losing Merrimen. They have allowed 265 y/g in the air and 113 on the ground. Look for Cassel and Moss to have big games. Welker should do well also with 100 yards. The Patriots are only allowing 175 yards in the air and I expect River to struggle with a depleted running game unable to take attention away from him. Chambers is iffy for Sunday's game with an ankle injury and if he doesn't play downgrade Rivers more.

LT admitted that his toe is bothering him and said he's going to have to "play through the pain". Temper your expectations with him.

Giants at Cleveland:
Jacobs and the Giants are coming off of a monster win against SEA. Jacobs ran like a stud and Manning threw like one. The Giants will get back their number one option Burress from his suspension and look to put it to a struggling Cleveland team. Clevaland is averaging 211 yards from scrimmage and will find it difficult to get anything past the Giants stout pass rush. Manning, Jacobs and Burress are must starts with Tumor as a deep starter.

Derek Anderson has struggled more than almost any big name this year except his star receiver Edwards. Edwards has 95 yards and 1 TD in 4 games. Anderson has 3 TD's to 6 INT's this year with a completion rate under 50%. Look for Quinn to get some snaps if Anderson doesn't play well in the next week or two. Jamal Lewis is a number 3 starter this week and Winslow is a low #1.

Phew...first week down! I will do rankings tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Corner!

This is a new idea that I may or may not keep up with. Each week I make predictions about fantasy football in my head. How fun would it be to start blogging each week with my tidbits of useless knowledge!? I will try this and see if I enjoy it or not. The format will likely change over time but for now I'm thinking something along the lines of ranking the top 20 RB's, 30 WR's, 15 QB's, 15 TE's and 15 Defense. I will not rank kickers because they suck!

If you want to read it week to week you can subscribe to it to get updates. I will probably add suggested add/drops as well. I will probably try to post some injury updates if they are important.

I know you're asking, "Luke, all of this is available already for free, why would we read your blog?" And my answer to you is a firm....I don't know? I think it would be fun for me to track how successful I am at picking players and performances. Feel free to leave me comments about my blog with any suggestions etc.