Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to the Fantasy Football Corner!

This is a new idea that I may or may not keep up with. Each week I make predictions about fantasy football in my head. How fun would it be to start blogging each week with my tidbits of useless knowledge!? I will try this and see if I enjoy it or not. The format will likely change over time but for now I'm thinking something along the lines of ranking the top 20 RB's, 30 WR's, 15 QB's, 15 TE's and 15 Defense. I will not rank kickers because they suck!

If you want to read it week to week you can subscribe to it to get updates. I will probably add suggested add/drops as well. I will probably try to post some injury updates if they are important.

I know you're asking, "Luke, all of this is available already for free, why would we read your blog?" And my answer to you is a firm....I don't know? I think it would be fun for me to track how successful I am at picking players and performances. Feel free to leave me comments about my blog with any suggestions etc.

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