Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 10 Fantasy Football Matchup Analysis!

Denver at Cleveland:

Derek Anderson out, Brady Quinn in! Anderson was one pass away from staying around as the starter. Denver's suspect pass defense is a good time for Quinn to get his feet wet, but a new QB on a short week makes his upside low. Denver's rush defense makes Lewis a good start. The Bronco's are giving up 145 yards per game and have allowed 10 TDs. With Edwards' nominal production thus far I wouldn't expect much drop off. Edwards' production may even go up if Quinn looks to him as a safety blanket.

Denver will try to get back on track against a Cleveland pass defense that is allowing 200 yards a game and have given up 9 passing TDs. Cutler has struggled since week two but should get back on track this week. As usual you can't count on Shanahan enough to start any Denver back, especially with Torain back this week.

New Orleans at Atlanta:

Brees will be rested and the Saints are coming off their bye week mostly healthy and will look to start their second half off strong. Atlanta is allowing 205 yards in the air and have allowed 10 TDs. Brees should have a big game and I look to see Colston get back into the game after practicing for two weeks after his thumb surgery. McAllister is still slated to start this week while the NFL looks into his suspension. He should be the starter and the only person worth starting.

Atlanta is coming off of a 24-0 shutout of Oakland and will try to continue their surprising upswing. New Orleans is allowing 237 yards per game and have given up 12 TDs in the air. Matt Ryan and Roddy White are must starts and should both have a nice week. Michael Jenkins could be a deep start if you're in bye week or injury needs.

Tennessee at Chicago:

Two hard nosed, run first teams face off and it should be a defensive smack down.

Chicago's pass defense is terrible at 248 yards per game and while they have given up 9 TDs the Titans' Collins is not a huge game threat. Chris Johnson and White will shoulder the load as usual but don't expect huge games from either.

Kyle Orton is questionable but I don't expect him to play. Forte will shoulder the load and Greg Olson could be a decent start against a Tennessee defense that will likely only give up short, check-down passes.

Jacksonville at Detroit:

Jacksonville is one of the most disappointing teams thus far but will look to get back on track against a putrid Detroit team. Detroit is allowing 247 yards in the air and 162 yards on the ground with 13 and 11 TDs allowed respectively. MJD and Garrard should be nice starts with Reggie Williams and Matt Jones as #2 or 3 wide receivers.

Detroit is in trouble and Calvin Johnson is the only person you're starting from the Lions. Daunte Culpepper is taking snaps and may be the Detroit starter.

Seattle at Miami:

Seattle is bad. Against the Eagles last week they managed just one touchdown on one big play. Miami is allowing 242 yards in the air and ha ve given up 11 TDs. Hasselbeck is slated to start week 11 but will be out this week. Bobby Engram is the only person you should even consider starting this week for Seattle. Miami's run defense is stout this year only giving up 90 yards per game and 5 total TDs. This makes the normally dubious start Julius Jones a must sit this week.

Miami is still hanging tough. They beat up on Denver last week and should get a win this weak against a horrible Seattle defense that is allowing 258 yards in the air and 115 on the ground. Seattle has given up 13 TDs in the air and 6 TDs on the ground. This makes Chad Pennington a good start this week as well as Ronnie Brown. Ted Ginn Jr. is still proving his inconsistency but could be a deeper start this week.

Green Bay at Minnesota:

Green bay lost a hard fought game last week to Tennessee in overtime by a field goal and will try to come out on top of another tough match-up. Minnesota is allowing 233 yards per game in the air and have given up 8 TDs. Aaron Rodgers is a great start this week and Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are good #1 and #3 receivers respectively. Ryan Grant will have a tough day going against a Vikings team that is allowing just 70 yards per game and 7 total rush touchdowns.

Adrian Peterson should have a monster game against a Packers team that is allowing 146 yards per game and have given up 8 TDs on the ground. They are allowing just 184 yards in the air and the Vikings will likely try to stay on the ground. Frerotte is not a good start this week and neither are his receivers.

Buffalo at New England:

Buffalo ate a slice of humble pie the last few weeks and slowed down after coming out shooting at the beginning of the year. They are going against a depleted New England defense that is giving up 105 yards on the ground and 213 yards in the air with a beefy 13 TDs allowed in the air. Marshawn Lynch is not slated for a big game against a Patriot's team that have only allowed 4 rushing TDs all year. Lee Evans and Trent Edwards are obviously making your lineup and should have nice games.

Sammy Morris and LaMont Jordan both missed practice Wednesdays and should be on your bench. Kevin Faulk and BenJarvus Green-Ellis are both obviously in a time share with Faulk as the better option. Neither should be considered as anything more than a #2 or flex option. Cassel and Moss will look to hookup again against a Buffalo defense that allows 203 yards per game. Buffalo only has 13 sacks on the year and with enough time in the pocket Cassel and Moss should be able to hook-up well.

St. Louis at New York Jets:

The Brett's Jets will look to get back in an offensive groove against a shoddy Rams defense. The Rams are allowing 246 yards per game and have allowed 12 passing TDs. This makes Favre a great start along with Coles and Cotchery. Thomas Jones has had 4 straight weeks with 10 or more fantasy points and should continue his hot streak against a rams rush defense that is allowing 156 yards per game and have given up 12 rushing TDs this year. Leon Washington has been finding his way into the offense and is a decent flex or #3 running back this year, especially in leagues that get points for punt return yards and/or touchdowns.

The Rams go against a brutal Jets rush defense that is allowing just 76 yards per game and have allowed 7 TDs this year. Steven Jackson is day-to-day still and missed some practice this week. It's hard to justify sitting a stud like Jackson if he's playing but if you have any other options he should be on your bench. The Jets pass defense is a different story while allowing 236 yards per game in the air and have yielded 11 TDs. Mark Bulger has turned in a couple nice games since getting the starting job back and should have a nice game despite his poor history in outdoor games. Donnie Avery and Torrie Holt are the only two players you should want in your lineups this week from the Rams offense.

Baltimore at Houston:

Baltimore is back on track and will try to continue their roll against a mediocre Houston team. Traditionally a defensive team the Ravens are now putting up offensive stats which make them formidable. Houston is allowing 202 yards in the air and 127 yards on the ground while having yielded 12 TDs in the air and on the ground. Joe Flacco has quietly been turning in some good fantasy and real life games. McGahee is questionable again and it looks as if he's a dangerous start at this point, along with the rest of the Ravens rushers. McClain still appears to be the goal line guy but Ray Rice was highly touted coming into the year and it looks like they want to give him looks.

Houston will have a tough game against a great Baltimore defense that have only allowed 11 TDs total on the year. Schaub was just starting to click and then hurt his MCL and will be out a minimum of two weeks. You obviously have to start Johnson as Rosenfel has proven he can get AJ the ball. Steve Slaton, while being great thus far should find your bench this week against the best rush defense in the league. Baltimore is only allowing 64 yards per game and have only given up 1 TD thus far.

Carolina at Oakland:

Carolina is coming off of a bye week and will try to start their second half with a bang against a terribad Oakland team. Oakland is allowing 158 yards per game on the ground and have yielded 12 TDs. This makes DeAngelo Williams a #1 this week with Stewart as a low end #2 or flex start. Delhomme and Steve Smith should have a nice game against an Oakland pass defense that is allowing 216 yards per game and have given up 11 TDs in the air.

Nobody on Oakland is worth mentioning in fantasy football to date. McFadden is questionable again after missing practice and Fargas will be the main guy there. Neither one of them are worth starting at this point.

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh:

Indy is a struggling 4-4 team that will have a tough match-up against a brutal Pittsburgh defense. Pittsburgh is allowing just 164 yards in the air and 70 on the ground while giving up a total of 9 TDs of offense for the entire year. Reggie Wayne is still too good of a wide receiver to sit but temper expectations as he will likely struggle along with Manning and Harrison. There isn't anybody on the Colts that are no-brainer must starts this week. Addai will be playing but shouldn't be started with any high expectations.

Willie Parker came back last week and got 70 yards and a score and should have a nice game against a Colts team that is allowing 144 yards per game and have given up 10 TDs on the ground. Parker should be in your lineup. Roethlisberger is questionable and Ward and Holmes should have tempered expectations against a Colts pass defense that is allowing just 181 yards per game and have only allowed 2 TDs in the air. In other notes, Heath Miller missed Wednesday's practice and will likely miss week 10, you should find a replacement TE on the waiver wire.

Kansas City at San Diego:

Two under performing teams try to beat each other up. The Chargers are coming off of a bye week and should hit the ground running against a bad KC team. KC is allowing 225 yards per game in the air and 182 yards on the ground. They have yielded 9 TDs in the air and a league leading 14 TDs on the ground. This means the stars are aligning for LT to go off. He is as close to 100% as any RB will ever be in the national football league and should explode. Most of your Chargers should be in your lineup this week. Chambers is supposed to be in the lineup but didn't practice Wednesday so keep an eye on him. If he does play he lowers Jackson's value.

Larry Johnson is as good as gone and I would like to toot my own horn by saying that I lamented verbally to people that LJ would not be the starter by half way through the season. Jamaal Charles is the man in KC now with Smith out for the year and he could have a decent game. The Chargers are allowing 107 yards on the ground and have given up 6 TDs. Thigpen had a nice game two weeks ago and was serviceable last week. He has a favorable match-up against a Chargers defense that is giving up a league worst 265 yards per game in the air and 14 TDs. Dwayne Bowe is the only receiver you're starting and Tony Gonzalez should be considered a top 5 tight end this week.

New York Giants at Philadelphia:

An NFC East showdown should prove to be a back breaking defensive battle. Brian Westbrook was limited in practice but that is expected and he should be playing Sunday. Westbrook will have his work cut out for him against a Giants defense that is giving up 85 yards on the ground and have only yielded 3 rushing TDs the entire year. Westbrook is too good to sit on the bench despite the rough match-up. McNabb will also find it a rough outing against a Giants team that is giving up just 175 yards per game and has 30 sacks on the year. Reggie Brown practiced in full this week and should play but be aware that he is behind Jackson in the depth charts and DeSean Jackson is still the receiver you want in Philadelphia until Curtis and Brown prove otherwise.

The Giants will also have a tough go at it against a Philly team that gives up just 192 yards per game in the air and 89 yards on the ground. They are stingy on the TDs as well allowing 3 rushing TDs and 10 passing. Manning could have a long day against an Eagles team that has 27 sacks and 8 INTs. Brandon Jacobs should probably be started but will probably have a tough week. Burress traditionally plays well against NFC East opponents and needs to be in your lineup. Kevin Boss is a good candidate to replace the a fore mentioned Heath Miller as Boss has been finding his way into the empty shoes that Shockey left.

San Francisco at Arizona:

The 49'ers are coming off of a bye week with a new QB. Shaun Hill is in as the starter and he is going against a bad Arizona pass defense that gives up 216 yards per game and have allowed a league leading 16 TDs in the air. Isaac Bruce will try to get back in the end zone after having several bad games. Shaun Hill could be a deep starter this week but in a new position shouldn't be counted on as a solid starter. Frank gore should be in your lineup every week but he has a somewhat tough match-up against a Cardinals team that allows just 92 yards on the ground and have only given up 5 TDs.

Kurt Warner has become the essence of consistency. He has thrown 2 or more TDs every week this year and should have another good game against a 49'ers team that allows 218 yards in the air and have yielded 11 TDs. Tim Hightower is the man now and should be started against a below average 49'ers rush defense that is giving up 109 yards per game.

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